Tesla Model S Car Can Turn Periodically Into A Boat

Tesla's CEO recently informed the public via social media that the Tesla Model S car can also become a boat for a short period of time, but is not recommended.

If you have been hoping for a car that turns into another mode of transportation, the Tesla Model S car can temporarily turn into a boat.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, recently posted a video and a tweet that the Tesla car can float and turn into a boat because the tires on the car can provide a thrust on water, according to The Verge

The video of the floating car went viral after a Tesla Model S car was seen “swimming” past a flooded tunnel in Kazakhstan.

Musk did mention a disclaimer on Twitter that submerging the vehicle underwater is something the company “definitely doesn’t recommend” to its customers.

The Tesla CEO also added that the company is working on a sports submarine car that is able to drive on roads, according to Market Watch.

The car’s cockpit and battery pack are water resistant, but it is unknown whether submerging the car underwater is acceptable under warranty, Vanity Fair reported.

It’s unique that a car can turn in a boat for a short amount of time, but it does not seem like a safe idea for Tesla Model S car owners to experiment with. 

Banner Image Credit: mariordo59, Flickr/Creative Commons user

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