Selfless Woman Gives Up A New Liver For A Stranger

A young Texas woman is alive, days after being at death’s doorstep, and the reason for it is a 69-year-old guardian angel’s selfless act.

A Texan great-grandmother gave up a chance for a new liver in order to give a younger stranger a chance at life.

Brenda Jones, a 69-year-old Texan, had been waiting for a liver transplant for almost a year because of a tumor in her liver.

So, imagine her joy when she was told that a new liver had become available at Baylor United Medical Center. But soon she was faced with an impossible decision that involved giving up her long-awaited liver for a stranger.

While Jones was waiting for her surgery, 23-year-old Abigail Flores was rushed into the hospital and diagnosed with acute liver failure. At best, Flores had 24 hours to live if she did not immediately get a liver transplant.

At that moment, the doctors approached Jones and asked if she would consider handing over her transplant slot to Flores.

Jones answer was a selfless “yes.”

“I had time to wait and she didn't have any time to wait, so that was just common sense,” is how Jones described her life-altering decision as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

Brenda Jones

Flores' transplant was a success and because of the surgery, she is no longer in critical condition. Not only was Jones able to save a person’s life, as luck would have it, she got another liver just a few days later.

As for Flores, she is filled with praises for the heroic lady.

“I could never ever thank her enough for it,” Flores said. “I appreciate her each and every day that I wake up, and I thank God for her every day.”

“It makes me feel good because my husband and I, we just got married and we want to have kids. She gave me the opportunity to be able to do that later on in life,” added Flores in tears.

Both women are now recovering well after their incredible experience.

Liver Transplant

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