Cop Tells Student 'Get Out Of My Face,' Before Beating Him Up

The officer can be seen shouting “get out of my face” at the student before shoving him on to the wall.


A disturbing footage shared on social media shows a cop physically beating a student for reasons unknown. The school administration has since put the officer on a leave.

The apparent altercation took place in a classroom at Castleberry High School in Texas. The 30-seconds video footage shows a student getting up from his chair and facing against a cop. The student apparently tries to talk to him. But the cop can be heard yelling “get out of my face” before harshly shoving the student against the wall.

The unnamed cop then restrained the student with his hands. Another student can be seen trying to calm the officer but that doesn’t affect the cop, who continues with the violence. Meanwhile, the other students can be seen sitting on their chairs.

Castleberry school district superintendents, John Ramos said they were aware of the incident and are currently investigating it. "As it involves a personnel matter I will only be able to give limited comment," Ramos stated. "The employee in the video is on administrative leave pending an investigation into the matter by the district. If any action on the district's part is appropriate, it will be taken."

"Right now we can't speak on a timeline," he continued. "We need to interview all the appropriate individuals who were present during the incident."

Although the incident is being investigated and it is not clear what had happened between the student and the cop before the video was shot. The student can be seen sitting peacefully on his chair before the altercation started.  So, even if there was a problem, the cop could have handled the situation in a more civil manner.

Earlier, this year, a 7-year-old student in Miami, Florida, was handcuffed, arrested and later taken for a psych evaluation all without the consent of his parents. He was made to go through all of this because of an altercation with a teacher.

Instead of being suspended, the first-grader was detained under the Florida Mental Health Act (Baker Act) and then hospitalized without his parents’ consent.

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