Texas Cop Body Slams Girl Onto Concrete

A Texas cop is under investigation after reportedly body slamming a 12-year-old student onto the concrete floor during an altercation between two pupils.

The horrific incident has sparked an investigation by San Antonio Independent School District after a video was posted to YouTube on Tuesday of school district police officer, identified as Joshua Kehm, throwing the female student facedown onto the ground and proceeding to arrest her at Rhodes Middle School. Students can be heard screaming and repeatedly asking the girl if she is okay.

The body slam allegedly resulted from two students being verbally aggressive towards each on March 29.

Kehm has been fired by the school district and the administration has launched an investigation.

The video exemplifies the brutal, unnecessary force that seems to be the norm for police officers when mediating conflicts. While details remain unknown, one thing is certain — there is absolutely no sound reason a cop should discipline a young student in this way. 

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Banner image credit: Reuters / Stephen Lam

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