Texas Cop Refuses To Apologize For Running Over Teen

A Houston police officer who ran over and killed a 19-year-old during a chase refused to apologize to his family for his death after standing trial.

Houston, Texas officer Jordan Greenhaw stood trial for running over Jason Trevino — who was just 19 at the time — back in 2011. After being absolved of any wrongdoing, Greenhaw didn’t even have the heart to at least offer an apology to Trevino’s family for taking his life.

Trevino and his friend Bernard Seetaram stole a boat and trailer from someone’s yard to go fishing. When police caught them hauling the boat with an ATV, a chase ensued that ended with Seetaram falling off the back of the vehicle and Trevino getting run over by Greenhaw’s squad car. He died in the emergency room from blood loss to his lung, according to Raw Story.

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Although the unfortunate tragedy occurred more than four years ago, the case recently went to trial and the verdict was announced on Wednesday.

A major issue brought up during the case was the need for bodycams and dashcams for the entire police department, which could aid in learning the truth behind deaths that occur at the hands of law enforcement.

“Jason dreamed of becoming a NASCAR driver. The winner of the race last year at Texas Motor Speedway won $1.5 million,” Trevino’s attorney Grace Weatherly reportedly said during her closing argument.

“You should not let bias or sympathy play a part in your actions. Lloyd Trevino has had a bellyful. He’s had four and a half years of sympathy. Look at the facts. You’re not here to put a value on a lost life. You’re asked to value the loss of love and the destruction of a relationship. This is your time to tell the city of Houston what’s needed for the training of their employees.”

The jury reportedly deliberated for only four hours before determining Greenhaw was not at fault.

When it was all said and done, Trevino’s aunt approached Greenhaw to shake his hand. She asked him if he would apologize for her nephew’s untimely death and he refused.

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Considering the pain the family has endured over the last four years, the least Greenhaw could have done was offer an apology for their suffering. Officers should show some remorse anytime a pursuit ends in death.

Greenhaw may have been bitter since the family was rooting for a different verdict, but members of law enforcement should always take the high road, no matter what. His heartless response to Trevino’s aunt is just one more example of why relations between civilians and police are so tense. 

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