Texas Couple Made Nanny Their Slave

A Houston, Texas couple could face 60 years in prison for allegedly torturing their Nigerian nanny and keeping her hostage for two years.

Chudy Nsobundu, 56, and his wife, Sandra, 50, face charges of visa fraud, forced labor, harboring an illegal immigrant and withholding documents. According to the complaint, the couple reportedly subjected the 38-year-old nanny to horrendous conditions. She worked 20 hours per day without breaks, was not allowed to eat anything except leftover food scraps, couldn’t shower and the couple often referred her as “the idiot.” The nanny’s — identified only as A.E. in the complaint — only contact with the outside world were her daily walks with the children around the neighborhood.

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Upon A.E.’s arrival into the United States, Sandra took her passport, travel documents and forced her to throw away her belongings. Her only allowed possession was a bible in which A.E. hid her Nigerian voter’s card.

In one horrifying incident, Sandra dragged A.E. by her hair and hit her with her slipper because she disapproved of the socks the nanny put on her child’s feet.

“A.E. had contemplated leaving the family, but stayed because she was more concerned for the wellbeing of the two youngest children who were not yet school age,” the affidavit noted. “A.E. believed if she left, the children would be home alone during the upcoming summer.”


Yet she eventually escaped in October 2015 after learning she had not been paid since coming to the U.S. A.E. called the National Human Trafficking Resource Center to report of case of domestic slavery. A case manager with the YMCA International’s Trafficked Persons Assistance Program then helped A.E. flee the home.

The case shocked Nsobundus’ neighbors and even the judge. The couple had no previous criminal record except when Chudy prevented Sandra from making an emergency call.

“Let me say this about Chudy,” Chudy’s lawyer, Wayne Heller, said. “He’s a very religious man. He’s active in his church. Before that 911 case, he’d never been in any sort of trouble in his entire life. As far as the new allegations go, what a shocker!”


The story only goes to show that you never know what is hiding behind closed doors. 

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