An Islamophobic Anti-Vaxxer Is Running As A Democrat In Texas Election

Nico LaHood is a registered Democrat who thinks vaccination causes autism, opposes “Jenny’s Law” and believes Islam is “a political system wrapped in religion.”


Texas Election

A Texas district attorney running for re-election in Bexar County is making headlines for the most bizarre reason – his political affiliation doesn’t really fall in line with his apparent beliefs and ideology.

Nicolas “Nico” LaHood, a former drug dealer turned born-again Christian, opposes sanctuary cities and believes Islam is “basically a political system wrapped in a religion.”

He is also an anti-vaxxer who frequently perpetuates the debunked myth about vaccinations causing autism and has gained notoriety for publicly opposing Jenny’s Law – a unanimously passed Texas law named after a mentally disable rape victim who was held in jail while awaiting her rapist's trial. The new legislature ensures crime witnesses and victims who are detained for their testimony will be granted access to attorneys free of charge.

He calls himself a “conservative” and has a penchant for sharing conspiracy theories.

However, despite his far-right principles, LaHood is registered as a Democrat.

Speaking to radio host Joe "Pags" Pagliarulo, the Bexar County district attorney not only called Islam a “political system,” he also said he had “some very, very — and I want to emphasize this — very good friends that wear the label of a Muslim, but they don't follow the tenets or the principle of Islam, more importantly Sharia Law, because they've been Americanized.” Repeating some of the most controversial talking points of far-right extremists, LaHood added “terrorists are truly, militantly following what the text tells them to do.”

The candidate, who has an autistic son, also appeared in a promotional video for the anti-vaxxer movie “Vaxxed.”

“I’m Nico LaHood. I’m the criminal district attorney in San Antonio, Texas,” he said in the promo. “I’m here to tell you that vaccines can and do cause autism.”

When asked about his comments at a recent debate, LaHood said it was “a personal belief” based on “what my wife and I go through medically,” claiming “we have an opinion of how [our son developed autism.]”

It is important to mention several research studies have disproven this myth.

Moreover, he also regularly touts his religious beliefs during campaign events.

“I love Jesus and he loves me, and that’s why I love you and your family,” he said. On another occasion, he described himself as a “man who is passionately in love with the Lord.”

In an interview with the Rivard Report, LaHood said, “anger motivated me to accomplish things and I believe God used my anger.”

While opposing Jenny’s Law, he not called it “not practical” but also reportedly hired one of the prosecutors involved in the original case. In addition to that, one of his top prosecutors testified against the bill, which later unanimously passed.

When these facts were highlighted by a local newspaper, LaHood wrote a scathing open letter to reprimand it.

“During the past several years of serving our community, I have come to understand that there are those who do not care to acknowledge a person's true intentions," he said. "Unfortunately, it has become painfully obvious that the Express-News falls into this category. There is clearly an agenda to attack me and the District Attorney's office. They continuously ignore the truth and fail to report the facts.”

LaHood, currently facing against former friend Joe Gonzales in Democratic primaries, also appears to have a fondness for representing sex offenders, according to San Antonio Express-News. As it turns out, before his election as the DA, his law firm had released an ad offering “smart legal advice and dedicated representation to clients who have been charged with any type of sexual offense.”

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