10-Year-Old Girl Saves Dad's Life After He Collapsed

A young girl in Texas was not sure what was happening to her father, but instead of waiting to be told what to do, she acted fast and saved her dad's life.

A father of two was saved by his 10-year-old thanks to her quick thinking.

Now, she’s being hailed as a hero.

Gracie Fredericksen, 10, noticed her father, Jeff Fredericksen, was “confused and not with it” after collapsing while he rearranged the furniture in her bedroom. But while he eventually managed to “stumble to the couch,” the girl told KHOU, he remained disoriented.

That’s when the girl, who’s described as shy and quiet, acted.

Realizing that calling “somebody so they could come and help him and get him somewhere” was the only thing she could do, the Alvin, Texas, girl used her little brother’s iPod Touch to contact her mom. After not being able to find her dad’s phone, she thought reaching out to mom was the only way to go since her phone hadn’t been charged.

Then, mom Kelly Fredericksen called Jeff Fredericksen so the girl could locate the phone.

As the 10-year-old dialed 911, so did her mom. In no time, first responders arrived at their home.

“The ambulance showed up, and cops showed up, and I opened the door, and they just said ‘Where is he?’ and then they walked to him and started helping,” the girl said.

In a Facebook post, Kelly Fredericksen said that when the emergency crew arrived, they found her husband “slumped over on the couch and his heart rate was 24.”

If it wasn’t for her little girl, she said, he could have lost his life.

“Her dad’s here because she called somebody,” she told reporters.

At the hospital, doctors concluded that the girl’s father suffered an adverse reaction to his blood pressure medication. But they are also investigating further to verify whether what he experienced was associated with a neurological problem.

After this incident, the young girl told reporters, she has learned to always keep her phone charged.

It’s safe to say that Jeff Fredericksen’s own child was his guardian angel. Hopefully, he won’t have to test her quick thinking in a health emergency ever again.

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