Another GOP Elector Says He Won’t Cast His Ballot For Trump

Republican elector Christopher Suprun won't be casting his ballot for Donald Trump. “I am here to elect a president, not a king,” he allegedly said.

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In the latest of Donald Trump fans-turned-sour, a Republican member of the Texas Electoral College has made the delightful announcement that he will not be casting his electoral vote for Trump.

Christopher Suprun, a paramedic from Dallas, joined the ranks of disappointed Trump supporters everywhere, the New York Times reported. Suprun discussed his newfound disgust with Trump with the Times.

“I am here to elect a president, not a king,” he allegedly said.

These are pretty powerful words coming from a man who once supported the president-elect.

Suprun’s overall sentiments revolved around a fleeting optimism that Trump would change his behavior into something that resembles a president of the United States. Unfortunately for Trump, his current modus operandi just isn’t cutting it for Suprun.

“I was told if we elected Donald Trump he would transform his personality into being presidential. He isn’t,” he said. “I wanted him to be presidential, but since the election he hasn’t grown into our institution, he’s attacked them.”

So what was it about Trump’s post-election actions that turned Suprun away? According to the Times, Trump’s attacks on the First Amendment and the electoral system, along with his continued brand promotion overseas, swayed him.

Although Suprun had previously expressed in writing that he would in fact cast his ballot for Trump, his pledge is not legally binding. Furthermore, Texas law doesn’t require that electors vote according to the state’s election results. Trump beat Clinton by 9 percent in Texas.

Suprun also said that prior to making his denouncement, he received hundreds of emails, letters, and phone calls urging him to not vote for Trump. Now he sees the light. Let’s hope that his decision will urge other Republican electors to follow suit.

Banner photo credit: Reuters and Twitter, @D00NESBURY

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