Texas Lawmaker Wants To Put Women In Jail For Abortions

Texas State Rep. Tony Tinderholt wants to pass House Bill 948, which could make it legal to charge women and abortion providers with murder in the state.

A Texas lawmaker wants to make President Donald Trump’s abortion “misspeak” a reality by jailing women for having abortions.

Prior to becoming the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump ruffled many feathers last year in both the pro-life and pro-choice communities by saying in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that women needed “some form of punishment” for having abortions if a ban were to be placed on the procedure.

He later backtracked on those statements after receiving critical backlash from the left and the right.

Flash forward to the present, and now Texas Rep. Tony Tinderholt has revived that idea in an interview with the Texas Observer by asserting that women need to know there are “repercussions” for their actions, Raw Story reports.

“Right now, it’s real easy,” Tinderholt said. “Right now, they don’t make it important to be personally responsible because they know that they have a backup of ‘oh, I can just go get an abortion.’ Now, we both know that consenting adults don’t always think smartly sometimes. But consenting adults need to also consider the repercussions of the sexual relationship that they’re gonna have, which is a child.”

Tinderholt is touting House Bill 948 as the “Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act,” which would no longer allow exceptions for women who are abused, raped, or have fetal abnormalities to get abortions and could make it legal to charge women and providers with murder for the procedure.

The lawmaker’s logic behind forcing women to carry a child regardless of how it was conceived is rooted in the belief that, “God creates children in his own image, regardless of how that child is brought into the world, it’s created in his image, and how can someone want to destroy that?”

Alas, Texas Rep. Donna Howard, a democrat, had the perfect clap back to Tinderholt’s ridiculous remarks.

“That is so ignorant to think…that women are somehow irresponsibly deciding that they’re going to go ahead and get pregnant because it’s so easy to get an abortion,” she said. “And for the Legislature to insert themselves in these decisions — it’s just baffling to me that he could have that lack of compassion and understanding for fellow Texans.”

No matter how many times we’ve said it, these male politicians just can’t seem to understand that their devout religious faith and skewed moral compasses do not give them the right to regulate women’s bodies.

As Legislative counsel for NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, Blake Rocap, aptly said, criminalizing abortion would “take us back to a time in Texas when women lost their lives because they were trying to procure illegal abortions.”

We can only hope that Texas residents wise up and stop this restrictive, dangerous, unfair bill from passing. 

Thanks to the Daily Kos, Tinderholt's contact information is available for all opponents of this absurd bill to let him know where he can shove it. 

Capitol Office: Room E1.422, P.O. Box 2910, Austin, TX 78768; Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0624; Capitol Fax: (512) 463-8386; www.house.state.tx.us.

District Office: 4381 W. Green Oaks Blvd., Ste. 107, Arlington, TX 76016; (817) 478-5000.

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