Man Dies A Year After Being Shot At For Crossing Someone's Yard

"Seeing my niece run around here asking for him and we can’t just pick up the phone anymore. It’s just all so unreal.”

A Texas man was shot at several times because he dared to walk across another man’s lawn.

Last year, Andrew Brady was reportedly crossing Carlos Ray Harris’s front yard, clueless of the deadly consequences that he later faced. Harris and Brady were reportedly talking when Harris pulled out a gun and fired at least a dozen shots at him.

According to witnesses, there was no verbal altercation between the two, before Harris fired at Brady.

Eight bullets hit Brady who was 19 at that time. Harris, who was 28 years old at that time, then placed his handgun in his car’s trunk and just drove away.

Brady had bullets all over his body. He was rushed to the nearby hospital.

Meanwhile, Harris was arrested the very next day and was sent to the Travis County Jail where he is still imprisoned.  The victim fought for survival for 14 months.

According to the family, Brady had to go through 40 surgeries and spent most of his times in physical rehabilitation facilities in hopes of recovering from his injuries and being able to walk once again.

But that didn’t happen.

Brady died after medical complications. He leaves behind a daughter who is just 2-years-old.

"My brother didn't deserve it. He didn't at all," said Melissa Brady, the victim's older sister. 

His family now wants Harris to face murder charges for senselessly killing Brady. "He's not the child that'll go bother anyone. He just stayed to himself," said Kimberley Blocker, the victim's mother. 

"[Prison] without parole. He needs the death penalty," she added. "He took my baby and my baby did not bother anyone. This was a senseless act," said Blocker.

"I feel like I’m still in a dream," lamented Melissa. "Seeing my niece run around here asking for him and we can’t just pick up the phone anymore. It’s just all so unreal. So we just try to deal with it the best way that we can." 

Harris now faces a murder charge.

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