Sexist Texas Man Shot Female Drivers For Abandoning Homely Duties

An investigator said the suspect “ranted and rambled” about women who abandoned their homely duties and drove cars on roads.

A Texas man was arrested after he admitted to different incidents of shooting female motorists in Katy, a town west of Houston.

Nicholas D’Agostino is believed to have been motivated by a hatred for women.

A couple of days before his arrest, the 29-year-old was released from jail on a $75,000 bail warrant for a similar incident that occurred earlier this year.

In July, D’Agostino had shot at a woman motorist. The bullet scraped past her heart, fortunately missing the vital organ by mere millimeters. Later, he confessed to five similar incidents of shootings.

Investigators found that D’Agostino’s sole motivation seemed to be hurting women.

One investigator said he “ranted and rambled” about women who abandoned their homely duties and drove cars on roads. Apparently, in D’Agostino’s view, the only purpose a woman serves is birthing male children.

Despite his dangerous and potentially fatal views, D’Agostino was released on bail. However, after hearing the news of his arrest, a woman he had shot on March 7 came forward with her own story.

She said she was exiting a gas station when she heard a loud noise and a searing pain in her arm. It took some time for her to realize that she had been shot. The sexist man said he had shot her in self-defense, as she had swerved his car and was racing in his direction to hit him.

Recently, the United States has come to reckon the scale of hatred against women that many men share. Much of the violence in America is decidedly gender-based. In the Santa Fe school shooting that jolted the nation, the shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis’ first victim was Shana Fisher, a girl he had stalked and made advances on for four months prior to the shooting. She had said no to him repeatedly, and he was later portrayed as a “spurned” lover.

Pagourtzis believed women used their sexuality to humiliate and reject men and must be put in their place.

In his capacity, D’Agostino was also shooting women he felt had forgotten their place in society.


Thumbnail/ Banner Credits:Harris County Sheriff’s Office

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