A Texas Militia Planned To Attack Islamic Convention Participants

“These leaked conversations, if authenticated, clearly indicate a coordinated plot by armed members of white supremacist and Islamophobic groups to harm innocent civilians.”


A right-wing organization in Houston, Texas, that claims it is not racist, planned to assault Islamic convention participants.

The racist group Texas Patriot Network says it is supposedly fighting for the “true heart of Texas.” They planned to protest the Islamic Society of North America’s conference, however, found themselves outnumbered by counter protestors.

Members of the far-right group spoke to convention goers and told them to convert to Christianity or to leave the state.

A large chunk of the group were peaceful but things took an ugly turn and revealed the actual plot of the group when a member of the Texas Patriot Network ran past a police barrier to punch a counter protestor.

It was later revealed that it wasn’t the only attack the group had prepared against participants of the convention. Leaked chat logs showed the racist group, along with members of another white supremacist, Soldiers of Odin, had planned to isolate and attack.

The logs, released by left-wing blog “It’s Going Down,” showed that the members communicated and planned about the assault via Zello. In one of the messages, one of the members wrote, “those motherf***ers are dead meat when they come out of that damn fence.”

In another message, the members talked about how to assault counter-protesters where police couldn’t see them.

“I’m just gonna have to play this out and see if I get lucky. It depends on where the police are gonna be,” read one of the messages.

In a series of messages, the members described the day’s festivities at the conference as full of “stupid little goatf***ing music.”

However, the plan didn’t turn out as planned because of the large numbers of counter protestors.

Despite the racist nature and white supremacist views, the group claims, “We ARE NOT racists We ARE NOT bigots We ARE NOT a hate group We ARE NOT militia We ARE NOT the silent majority any longer [sic]!”

Texas Patriot Network’s Doc Greene said they were not present at the venue to assault but they were there to just spread the Christian faith.

“We’re gonna be down here today sharing the love of our lord, Jesus Christ…and talking about why the Constitution is wonderful and very near to the Holy Scriptures in power,” he said.

He later said that the only point of concern was the little turnout of their members and said it was the only unhappy thing.

However, despite the Greene’s claim, the group Facebook posts showed how they are aligned to extreme right. Also, the logs released by the left-wing blog are just one conversation and it still remains unknown how many more racist conversations the members have on a regular bases.

“These leaked conversations, if authenticated, clearly indicate a coordinated plot by armed members of white supremacist and Islamophobic groups to harm innocent civilians. This potentially deadly plot must be investigated by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and the perpetrators brought to justice,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.

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