Texas Cop Caught On Camera Assaulting A Man Pinned To The Ground

“Unfortunately, it seems the Fort Worth Police Department has a culture of violating the rights of people of color,” said the victim’s attorneys.


While the residents on Sacramento, California, continue to protest against the excessive use of police force and violence against African Americans in the wake of 22-year-old Stephon Clark’s alleged murder at the hands of local police officers, another video has surfaced showing cops viciously beating a black man whom they had already pinned to the ground.

This incident took place in Fort Worth, Texas, outside of the Chaparral Apartment Homes complex and was recorded by a passerby. The arrest video was shared online by Next Generation Action Network.

The victim has since been identified as 35-year-old Forrest Curry, who is in the Tarrant County jail for resisting and evading arrest, according to the Dallas News.

The Fort Worth Police Department also confirmed two of its officers hit a man as they tried to handcuff him.

“We are focusing on getting the victim of this police violence out of custody and ensuring that he receives the necessary medical attention for injuries suffered during the heavy-handed arrest by officers with the Fort Worth Police Department,” Curry’s attorneys Jasmine Crockett and L. Chris Stewart said in a statement. “Unfortunately, it seems the Fort Worth Police Department has a culture of violating the rights of people of color.”

His bail is set at $2,250.

Meanwhile, the police department also issued a statement addressing the situation.

“We acknowledge that the initial appearance of the video, absent comment from the FWPD, may raise questions,” it said.

According to the police, members of the fire department had asked for police assistance during an ambulance call after Curry became aggressive and tried to assault them. The fire personnel told the cops the 35-year-old appeared to be intoxicated. However, when the officers tried to arrest him, he ran away before being caught three blocks away and struggled as he was handcuffed.

“What the video does not depict is that it took three officers and one supervisor to effectively place the resisting subject into handcuffs, a struggle that lasted 4.5 minutes,” the police stated.

While the name of the officers have not yet been revealed, this brutal arrest video raises the question whether it was necessary to repeatedly and forcefully punch a man who was already lying on the ground with an officer on top of him?

Unfortunately, as Curry’s lawyers mentioned in their statement, this is not the first time Fort Worth officers have made headlines for incidents of police brutality.

In December 2017, the department fired Sgt. Kenneth Pierce for brutally arresting an African-American woman who had called cops to report domestic disturbance.

Almost a year before that, a woman named Jacqueline Craig called the Fort Worth police after a neighbor allegedly choked her 7-year-old son for throwing a piece of paper and not picking it up. A cop turned up but instead of questioning the neighbor, he confronted the woman and questioned her parenting style. The argument escalated and the officer pinned her down, threatening to Taser her and her daughter. He then arrested them.

If it wasn’t clear already, both the neighbor and the cop were white. Craig was African-American.

In 2016, another African-American man named David Brandon Collie was left paralyzed from the waist down after a Fort Worth police officer shot him in the back. At the time, the cop claimed the 33-year-old had threatened him a box-cutter. The court charged the victim, who suffered severe abdominal injuries and spent 61 days in the hospital, with aggravated assault. However, the grand jury refused to indict him.

Watch Curry’s violent arrest in the video above.


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