Masked White Nationalists Caught With Tiki Torches On Texas Campus

Officials spotted a very small group of white nationalists using tiki torches and were able to bring their "party" to an end before things got any worse.

White supremacists carrying tiki torches.

White nationalists continue to try to disrupt the lives of students across America. Thankfully, people are now more vigilant than ever.

According to ABC affiliate KVUE, University of Texas police were able to prevent a small group of white supremacists from recreating yet another tiki torch-led parade on the Austin campus on Saturday.

As officers were patrolling the campus early Saturday, they saw glowing lights in the South Mall area. As they approached the group, they found “predominantly white males” wearing American flag-themed masks and carrying tiki torches.

The police proceeded to let the small group of young men know they were not allowed to have open flames on campus, prompting them to leave the area without incident.

According to the university president, Greg Fenves, while the university is committed to free speech, the “campus is not open for non-university-affiliated groups to stage protests or gatherings.”

He continued:

“Those that have been warned about these rules and do not leave or who return to campus are subject to arrest. These demonstrators were also in clear violation of a number of our official policies intended to protect safety, including a ban on masks and open flames.”

Adding that all hate groups should be condemned, Fenves also said that he “abhor[s] what they represent.”

“We stand, united, against hatred,” he concluded.

It’s encouraging that security officers and school officials in certain parts of the country are paying attention to the growing number of white supremacists attempting to persuade others to support their racist and divisive ideology. But, perhaps, what’s even more reassuring is that the group of white supremacists was small and insignificant.

This proves that no matter how loud and disruptive they are, they continue to fail to persuade the majority of Americans to follow in their footsteps, proving that love trumps hate.

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