Students Walk Out After Professor Says ‘We Are Of African Descent’

The “Out of Africa” is a widely accepted one but clearly the students at Texas State University were not ready to open their eyes to the truth.

Some students at a Texan university became really angry after a professor claimed all modern humans descended from Africa. Apparently, the statement was enough to make them leave class.

The statement came when Dr. Jon teaching Cultural Anthropology at Texas State University told students about the concept that all people originated from Africa — a theory commonly known as “Out of Africa.”

Dr. McGee started the lecture with a note to pay special attention as they were discussing the topic of race in class.

“Our professor made a statement that All Lives Matter isn’t as important as Black Lives Matter because black lives are being taken the most,” student A’marion James told the Statesman through a twitter message. “Then he said that we were all descendants from Africa, and about five students walked out. (I’m) not sure if that was the reason, but right after he made the statement they got up and left and I could see anger in some of the students.”

The incident became viral after James tweeted out a picture of students walking out of the class.


Another student, Justine Lundy claimed “it was dead silence” after the statement was issued. Then a student retorted a sarcastic “sure.” At that point some students got up and walked out, while others in the class chanted “Black Lives Matter” after them.

She also added the students who left got in an argument about Black Lives Matter although the professor “wasn’t picking sides or anything — he kept reiterating that.”

“A lot of people left,” said 19-year-old Karene Taylor. “It was embarrassing.”



When Dr. McGee was asked about the incident, he said he did not perceive any disruption in the class, but admitted the class was a large one (390 students) so he might have missed it.

“I did not see a large-scale walkout of students, I did not hear any chants of “Black Lives Matter” and there was no further classwide discussion of the topic. In fact, no students approached me after class to talk about this,” he said.

“With 390 students it is possible that someone did not like the topic and walked out, but with that size class it is common for students to walk in and out of class and I do not question their reasons for doing so. Consequently, I have no basis on which to determine a student’s reasons for leaving class,” McGee said.

The students may not agree with the professor, but he is not wrong on the subject. The “Out of Africa” is a widely recognized theory by the scientific community. It argues that all human beings descended from a small group of Africans, who then migrated out into the world displacing earlier hominid forms such as Neanderthals and Denisovans.

Other scientists have also validated this theory.

Dr. Keith Cheng, a Penn State College of Medicine professor, has provided conclusive proof that white people may have mutated from Africa through his study of chromosomes.

Andrea Manica at the University of Cambridge and his team compared the skulls and DNA of human remains from around the world and found modern humans have a single origin point in Africa.

“As a whole, I think the group is open-minded,” McGee said. “Understanding other peoples’ perspectives is a basic part of cultural anthropology.”

Evidently, those students were not ready to open their eyes to the truth.

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