Teacher Punches Second-Grader, Sits On His Back

A Texas elementary school teacher punched a boy in the face and then sat on him just because he was being too noisy.

Landis Elementary School

A Houston teacher has been kicked out of school and charged with a felony after using brutal corporal punishment on a second-grader, according to authorities.

Lisa Allison, 48, a teacher at Landis Elementary School, was charged with injury to a child this week after the shocking incident was caught on camera earlier this month.

On Oct. 12, Allison reportedly told a second-grade student “I am tired of you” and ordered him to leave the classroom because he was being too noisy, court documents allege.

While in the hallway, the student started kicking lockers and making a racket, so Allison went to take him to the office.

According to a surveillance video, the child was sitting on a floor while the teacher bent over and said something to him. The boy reportedly tried to stand up and walk away from Allison but she stopped him by grabbing his hand and the back of his neck. A struggle ensued and Allison drew back her fist and punched the boy with a “closed fist.” She then pushed him to the ground and sat on his back, which “caused him pain," according to reports.

Administrators then came into the hallway and told Allison to get off the boy. The boy got up and walked calmly to the office.

Allison has given a slightly different version of the events. She said she didn’t remember punching the boy but she confessed to holding him on the ground.

Parents of children at the school reacted with outrage when they heard of the incident.

“That’s crazy, I don’t think they should be doing anything like that, if it did happen,” said Mito Garcia.

“I mean, if you’re a teacher, you go to school for this,” said Diana Rodriguez.  “To be able to know you have to have patience.”

After the incident, Allison was immediately placed on administrative leave and will not be returning to the school.

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