Texas Teacher’s Profane Texts About Autistic Teen Went To His Mom

“This lil mother f****r is crying like a baby for mommy because he wants to go home. Omg I just want to omggggggg pull all my damn hair out.”


A southeast Texas teacher reportedly wrote profane text messages about a crying autistic student and had to soon own up to her mistake after she accidentally sent those crude texts to the special-need student’s mother.

Tiffany Lynn Elfstrom, the teen’s mother, was “disgusted and disappointed” after she received a text from her 13-year-old son Jayden’s teacher.

“This lil mother f****r is crying like a baby for mommy because he wants to go home,” the text from the teacher read. She went on to say she wanted to “pull all my d*mn hair out.”

Elfstrom took to Facebook to rant about the ugly episode, which is bound to infuriate any parent let alone a mother whose son is suffering from a disorder. Her post was shared more than 300 times as of Tuesday morning.


According to Elfstrom's post, the teacher at Levi Fry Intermediate School called her that morning to inform her about her son who wanted to go to home and also refused to do his work.

While she was on the call, the mother got these profane text messages that were obviously meant for somebody else.

"I open the text and this is what I see," Elfstrom wrote. "I just want to cry because I have put my most precious possession in this teacher's hands this whole school year."

It just makes sense for the distraught mother to feel concerned about her son who has been diagnosed with autism, ADHD and bipolar disorder.

According to KPRC-TV, Elfstrom didn’t hesitate from confronting the teacher. However, the enraged mother didn’t buy the educator’s sorry excuse.

"She told me that she was trying to text herself," she said. "Now, I'm not tech savvy or smart, but I'm not tech stupid either."

Moreover, Elfstrom didn’t just keep the matter to herself, upon reaching the school to pick her son she showed the despicable messages to an assistant principal.

"She got teary-eyed and said, 'I can't tell you I'm sorry enough,'" Jayden’s mother said.

A spokesperson for Texas City ISD said in a statement, the teacher, who wasn’t named, admitted to sending the messages but the recipient wasn’t intended to be the mother.

"No matter her intention, the text is highly inappropriate and does not represent the character of people we want teaching our students," the statement further said. "She was immediately removed from the classroom. We investigated the incident and she no longer has a contract with our district."

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