Texas Teens Recorded Video Chanting N-Word 25 Times In 10 Seconds

The video shows the teens using racist and profanity-laden language. One of the students used the n-word 25 times in just 10 seconds.

A video created by at least three students of Midlothian High School in Texas shows how much unwarranted racism black Americans have to face.

The 9-minute video, which was apparently made out of school, shows the teens using racist and profanity-laden language. One of the students used the n-word 25 times in just 10 seconds.

After the video went viral, another student, who feared for their safety, informed school officials about it, who in turn notified 14,000 parents.

Midlothian High School has also opened an investigation into the incident and said they will punish the teens involved. However, they refused to disclose what type of disciplinary actions the students will face, citing privacy laws.

Midlothian Independent School District superintendent Lane Ledbetter said the situation “heartbreaking at best,” and said in a letter to parents, “Any offensive, demeaning, and inappropriate words, behaviors, comments or statements made by a student, teacher or staff member in unacceptable and they will face swift and severe consequences.”

The city of Midlothian consists of 88 percent white people and less than 6 percent black.

A resident of Midlothian, Molly Carmack, said she was surprised to hear teens in the school are accused of using racial slurs as the city is a very “welcoming” community. She also wondered why the school saw fit to punish the students since the video was created during off hours.

“It didn’t happen at school. I mean, just because he attends there, I don’t know how you can hold him accountable for that,” she said.

However, several other parents disagree with Carmack’s sentiments.

A mother of two, who chose to remain anonymous, said her son regularly faced racist abuse in the locker room when he was a football player at the school. He has graduated now, but now her daughter, who’s attending the school, faces the same racism. She has also been physically threatened.

“We strategically do not allow our kid to walk home. We strategically do not allow our kids to be at events by themselves,” she said.

Another interracial couple said they are moving out of the city after their son received racial abuse, their house was vandalized and they found derogatory notes on their car.

“We’re tired of it. No one should target us because of the color of our skin,” said the mother.

An African-American father, who recently moved to Midlothian, is reconsidering his decision to move to the city.

“It’s very disturbing to me knowing that my kids may have to deal with this as well,” said parent Anthony Grant. “Makes you second guess, did I make the right decision?”

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