Texas Teens Help Homeless Man They Saw Crying Inside Chick-fil-A

"He had a Bible on the table. And he also had a picture of Jesus, which really gave us kind of a sign to help him out,” explained one of the teens.

Three teenagers from Texas gave a homeless man the surprise of his life when they saw him sitting inside a Chick-fil-A, counting change to buy a meal.

Ryan Cook and his friends Joshua Mechell and Alberto Montiel decided to buy food for the man, identified only as Eddie. The young men pooled in money to purchase a meal, a jacket and gift cards for the man.

The moving moment was captured on video and won millions of hearts soon after being shared on social media.

“People were telling us there how he never asks for handouts. We saw him crying and we saw him struggling to buy a meal. So I decided to go buy him a gift card,” said Cook.

"The money he receives and the food that he gets, he doesn't give it to himself first. He gives it to his dog, Socks," explained Montiel after speaking with the employees, who said that Eddie visited the restaurant frequently but never asked for anything.

The only time he does ask for money is for his dog, Socks. 

However, his selfless love for Socks wasn’t what moved the boys to help him; it was what they saw on his table that they took as a sign from a higher power to help a person in need.

"He had a Bible on the table. And he also had a picture of Jesus. Which really gave us kind of a sign to help him out," said Cook. 

He defined the moment when they saw Eddie’s valuable expressions as a “gratifying experience.”

“His reaction was basically priceless,” Cook added. “Once we gave him that jacket he had a big ole smile on his face and it was just probably one of the greatest feelings I've had in the world. Not only for myself, but just to know that we did something great for somebody else.”

Eddie was really happy. He also told the teens he didn't receive anything for Christmas this year.

“It was an awesome experience. He quickly got out of his chair. He was so excited and happy to see something new in his life. I told him just think about it as a late Christmas,” the young man continued. 

And this isn’t where the act of kindness ends. The real surprise is that the boys are in talks with Eddie and plan on booking him a room and meal to watch Super Bowl on Sunday.

The kind teenagers said it wasn’t their idea to share the video to gain attention. They shared it as a “catalyst to change.”

“We just want to make the world a better place to live in, and we want to inspire people to make a difference,” noted Mechell.

Well, amen to that.

The only thing that can make America great again right now is more of such selfless acts of kindness and compassion.

Banner/Spotlight Credits: Reuters

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