Woman Flies Through Deadly Tornado In Her Bathtub, Survives Unhurt

The woman, who thankfully remained unharmed, claimed she took cover in the bathtub after she heard the tornado warning.

As severe thunderstorms across Texas killed 19 people, a woman was lucky enough to survive the deadly ordeal by taking shelter in quite an unusual place: her bathtub.

The National Weather Service forecast office in Shreveport, Louisiana, filed an extraordinary storm report describing an 800-yard-wide tornado that tore off a storage building and packed winds of 130 mph. It also tossed a party barge 200 yards into a grove of trees, but this was nothing compared to the extraordinary description of a woman’s amazing survival.

“A woman inside took shelter in a bathtub and the tornado lifted the tub out of the home and deposited it in the woods with the woman still in the tub but the woman was not injured,” said the report.

Senior meteorologist Jason Hansford who conducted the storm survey spoke to the woman, who is believed to be in her 60s, after the shocking incident.

“She heard the tornado warning come out and she took cover in the tub in her bathroom,” he said. “The only thing she remembers is that the tornado came in from the southwest across her home. At that point the whole backside of her house was sheared off. Her bath tub was ripped out of her bathroom and she ended up still in her tub in some woods near her home.”

And this isn’t where her amazing survival story ends — the best part is that she remained unharmed.

Except for some minor cuts and bruises, “she was uninjured but emotionally shaken,” Hansford reported.

What the woman had done was very intelligent, meteorologists frequently ask people to take shelter in a bathtub during a tornado.

“The bathroom has strong framing and the pipes in the walls could help hold them together,” according to Tornadoproject.com. “The bathtub and commode are directly anchored to the ground. They are often the only things left intact after a tornado passes.”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Brian Khoury

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