Texting Glitch Sends Nearly 2,000 Voters To Wrong Polling Places

As Election Day finally approaches, voters in Indiana faced a serious problem when they received text messages directing them to the wrong polling stations.

With just a day before the United States learns who their next president will be, obstacles are still getting in the way of people casting their votes.

Several Indiana voters received text messages on Monday directing them to the wrong polling stations thanks to a technical glitch, Mashable reports.

“The Indiana Democratic Party experienced a data-match error in our get-out-the-vote text message program to Democratic voters," state party communications director Drew Anderson reportedly said in a statement.

The message went out to about 2,000 potential Democratic voters. "We are correcting the error now with a new message directing the voters impacted to www.indianavoters.com so that they are able to confirm their polling location," Anderson added.

While the error may have been a genuine mistake as we all know technology isn’t perfect, the incident just adds to the frustration voters throughout the country have experienced due to voter disenfranchisement, voter intimidation, and a slew of scams such as fake online ads telling people that they can text in their votes. 

There are just as many efforts to combat the incorrect information being spread, but there are bound to be people who are so fed up with trying to decipher what is true or false that they just give up or those who don’t learn the truth before voting ends and their voices go unheard.

This chaotic mess is what has become of the “democracy” we pride ourselves on.  

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