Murdered Girl's Family Claim Police Said 'Just Make Another One'

After backpacker Hannah Witheridge was murdered and raped in Thailand, her sister alleges Thai authorities told their family to "just make another one."


So, as some of you may have already seen- there has been another death of yet another British National on koh tao. I...

Posted by Laura Witheridge on  Sunday, January 10, 2016


In a brutal case, British backpacker Hannah Witheridge, 23, was raped and murdered in the island of Koh Tao back in September 2014—her traveling companion, David Miller, was murdered as well.

Both were killed by Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo, who were found guilty but have appealed the charges.

Thai authorities were heavily criticized for mishandling the case, and Hannah’s sister, Laura, has spoken out via Facebook after other British nationals disappeared in Koh Tao.

Laura wrote that Thai authorities told her family, “Why are you so bothered? Just go home and make another one… Why are you making such a fuss, she will be back in 30 days as something else, she may have better luck next time.”

These words were later deleted from her Facebook post. 

She even says that she has been threatened by "Thai people."

“What if I told you that I have had many death threats from Thai people since they murdered my sister?" she writes. "What if I told you that the Thais offered us 'compensation'? Obviously we were absolutely appalled and declined.”

Thailand is frequented by Westerners and is a popular backpacking destination; however, Laura states that it is extremely dangerous and that anything could happen to anyone—“No one is immune.”

There have been allegations that Lin and Phyo only confessed to the murders after torture, although police deny that accusation. The case remains both shocking and scary.

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