Thai Woman Marries 11 Men In 2 Years In Elaborate Con

Infamously known as the "runaway bride" in Thailand, Jariyaporn Buayai has been accused of marrying almost a dozen men, one by one, in an elaborate dowry con.

Thailand's most infamous bride has finally been arrested.

Jariyaporn Buayai is being held on no less than five warrants of embezzlement and fraud in five different provinces.

She has been accused of marrying 11 men and disappearing with their dowry payments worth millions of baht over a period of two years. In fact, just in the month of August, she tied the knot four times.

"From each husband, she collected between $6,000 and $30,000 before vanishing," The Washington Post reported.

She used excuses like visiting her family to manage the family's fruit business or even the fact that her horoscope didn't allow her to continue the relationship.

Her elaborate stunt worked out well for nearly two years, until a warning about her was posted on Facebook nearly two weeks ago (posted above).

The post eventually attracted the attention of the conned husbands, who filed police reports. Initially, 12 men came forward with complaints. Later, the number decreased to 11.

One of the former grooms, Prasarn Tiamyam, told the police about his experience:

"During their relationship, Prasarn said that Nammon refused to let him meet her parents," Coconuts Bangkok reported. "Only four days after their wedding, Nammon told him that she had to deal with their fruit business in Nong Khai province and left. Soon after, Prasarn could no longer contact her. Instead, he received a call from a woman who claimed to be Nammon’s niece. She told him that Nammon lost the baby and Prasarn should not contact her again."

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