Trump Era Politics Has Prompted More Than 20K Women To Run For Office

Thousands of women have either signed up to run for office or shown interest in running for office, the country's largest pro-choice grassroots group announced.

Women protesting anti-abortion laws.

The November 2016 presidential election may have turned the world of politics upside down. But it’s precisely because Donald Trump was elected president that now countless women have decided to take matters into their own hands, running for office and being the change they want to see.

During this year’s Women’s Convention in Detroit, Michigan, EMILY’s List, the country’s number one resource for liberal women in politics, announced that more than 20,000 women are either running for office or have reached out to the organization claiming to be ready to run for office.

What's even more surprising is that at least 8,000 others have also signed up as volunteers, showing that the only thing the Trump phenomenon was able to accomplish was to push women to become even more involved in politics.

In a statement, EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock explained that there were never so many women ready to become involved in politics as now.

According to the women’s rights advocate, the time is ripe for women everywhere to show the country they are tired of letting others make the decisions that affect them directly.

“Women continue stepping up and demanding to be at the decision-making table,” Schriock wrote. “This is a surge of grassroots energy unlike anything we've ever seen. We've spent more than 30 years preparing for this kind of moment, and we're ready to channel this energy into wins for women up and down the ballot, not just in 2018 but for the years and generations to come."

To Schriock, we never needed women taking the reigns of politics in America like we do now. And that’s why EMILY’s List operates Run to Win, the nation’s largest recruitment program.

Aside from recruiting and training pro-choice Democratic women, the organization also works to identify opportunities for women who are willing to run so they may win in local and state elections across the country.

In June, CNN reported that EMILY's List was only one of many organizations recruiting and organizing women to run for office.

By then, grassroots organization Emerge America had trained at least 1,000 women to run for office since November.

The nonpartison group IGNITE had also told CNN they had inquiries from 500 different high school and college-age women across the country who wanted to get the political debate going among other young women at their schools.

Still, EMILY's List is by far the most successful group, with thousands of women signing up to become more engaged politically.

“I want every woman who's ever wondered whether she can really make a difference to know that she's not alone,” Schriock said. “We at EMILY's List and our community of over five million members have your back."

To see so many engaged women becoming involved in the age of Trump goes to show that no matter who’s in power, women will never be bullied into submission.

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