Brexit Campaign Deletes Old Website Amid Accusations Of False Promises

While the British public reels in anger over the Brexit campaign’s foundation of falsehoods, its website is now revamped and void of the old promises.

As international stock markets continue to plunge on the second fiscal day after the UK announced they would be departing the European Union, the Leave campaign website has been completely changed.

If the Brexit campaign had nothing to hide, would they have erased practically all of their website?

It’s not likely, but that’s exactly what they did.

The website previously stated that the EU took £350 million from the NHS weekly and also made promises it couldn’t keep about trade deals and immigration control.

Now, the site simply offers a gesture of “thanks” to those supporters who voted to leave the EU, The Independent reports.

The original website is still available through creative web searches, even though the overtly simplistic guise of the new site is suspiciously vacant and void of previous campaign claims and promises that even Nigel Farage has said are false.

Nigel Farage

The current site still bears a photograph of a bus with one of the Leave campaign promises written on it – “We send the EU £50 million every day…” – but the full slogan is obscured since the door is open and Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are standing in front of it.   

With the far-right, conservative leave vote just barely winning over remain, at 52 percent supporting the exit, the election bears witness to the frightening possibility that Donald Trump could win the U.S. presidency here on this side of the pond. 

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