Donald Trump Cannot Trump These Celebrities

Donald Trump spews his dislike for Muslims, Mexicans and blacks all the time, and his political incorrectness is getting him nowhere with these celebrities.

We've all seen time and again how nothing, absolutely nothing, can stop presidential candidate Donald Trump from being the racist bigot that he is. Be it Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans or women, Trump hates them all, and seems to only care about his towers, money and “hands”.

Although the real estate mogul continues being extremely popular among a certain subset of people, a number of celebrities are raising their voice to show how sick average Americans are of Trump and his hatred.

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From Salma Hayek to J.K. Rowling and even Miley Cyrus, Trump has managed to offend numerous celebrities with his political incorrectness and bizarre notions of wanting to ban all Muslims from the U.S. and build a wall around America.

Here’s what many of them had to say!

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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