The Clever Way Some Communities Are Combating Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Some creative thinkers are responding to swastika graffiti by cleverly turning them into windows, or the Windows 95 logo to be precise.

The reclamation by some Donald Trump supporters of the Nazi swastika symbol is disgusting, to say the least.

Recent graffiti in the window of an empty shop in Philadelphia shows how trolls for Trump are pairing the anti-Semitic symbol with his name, which has come to represent white supremacy for some.

Photo: Twitter, @GrimNeeper

However, a bit of creative thinking can be used to handle the horrific hate symbol, as these photographs show.

On Saturday, a stock photo of a swastika turned into a Windows 95 logo went viral on Twitter after user gibblertron posted an ingenious response.

According to The Huffington Post, a Redditor named that_tim_guy posted the original picture three years ago with the caption, “A friend and I took care of a graffitied swastika in our town the only way we knew how.”

The Kansas resident reportedly said, “We decided on the Windows 95 logo and got the only spray paint on hand and drove out to the swastika in the middle of the night. In the photo you can actually see another little swastika to the left and we did intend to take care of that one too, but unfortunately we ran out of spray paint.”

Another reaction that has been circulating lately on social media is to make a simple window from the swastika to avert its meaning and then draw more windows surrounding it.

Photo: Twitter, @LaurenKogen

When a Philadelphia playground bench at Shissler Recreation Center was tagged with the Nazi symbol, community members responded by making the swastika into a window. They took this one step further by drawing hundreds of windows around the bench and left the hashtag #letthelightin.

Instagram user bethhuxta posted another image of the bench which shows the Fishtown community’s response to the anti-Semitic emblem.

The importance of communities coming together to fight against hatred of minorities is more crucial than ever before. The response at Shissler Recreation Center is a beautiful example of how something so horrific and terrifying can be turned into a symbol of light.

Banner photo: Twitter, @gibblertron

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