The Democratic Establishment Is Trying To Push Sanders Out

The Democratic elite is backing Hillary Clinton and calling on her opponent, Bernie Sanders, to drop out or change his campaign tactics to favor Clinton.

Bernie Sanders has repeatedly voiced that he is not going anywhere despite his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead in the election. Yet his continuous assertion has only reinvigorated Democratic elites in advocating for Sanders to step aside and let Clinton have a smooth ride to the presidential nomination.

According to Politico, Democratic senators have rallied behind Clinton and are gently calling on her socialist opponent to call it quits. While the senators are not outright suggesting Sanders abandon his campaign, they are nearly implying the notion by stating he change his campaign tactics from critiquing Clinton to calling out the terrifyingly likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“What’s important is not whether or not he gets out, but how he campaigns,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.). “If the contrast is now about what separates us from Donald Trump, then I think it’s fine. I just hope that we can begin to focus on unifying because obviously a lot of us are perplexed that we could be facing a country led by someone who seems to be a buffoon.”

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These Clinton backers are pressuring Sanders to bow out or at least take a softer approach in handling Clinton. Despite the fated numbers, Sanders deserves to remain in the race. In fact, his movement is a vital component to the election — and even Clinton’s potential nomination. He keeps the front-runner on her toes and his criticism of Clinton has drastically changed the tone of her campaign and allowed the radical left to have a better hold over the Democratic Party. With Sanders around, Clinton can’t run from her inconsistent past and is pushed to a more progressive agenda to remain favorable. While the political pundits rage over Trump’s moronic bigotry, Sanders is the one who has truly impacted this presidential race — yet the mainstream media is relatively silent in acknowledging that powerful breakthrough.

Sanders was able to tap into a significant sect of the American public, tired of the corrupt, scheming political system, and turned them into passionate voters who finally discovered a leader they could trust. Clinton cannot win without the support of Sanders’ fans (a fact she quickly learned early on as she began mimicking his revolutionary rhetoric), so to push him out before his time — undoubtedly upsetting his supporter base — is a grave error on the Democratic establishment’s part who are praying for a Clinton victory.

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