Were The Stack Of Papers Next To Trump At His Press Conference Blank?

In a photo captured by CNN, the papers, slightly visible in the manila folders on a table next to President-elect Donald Trump, appear to be completely unmarked.

Of all the unprofessional, flat-out bizarre things President-elect Donald Trump has done before, during, and after the election, this one might top the list: At his press conference this week the first he's had in six months the president-elect stood by manila folders presumably containing blank papers, The Independent reports

The files were intended, apparently, to make Trump look like he'd spent a lot of time preparing to hand over his businesses to his sons. Journalists were not allowed to view the documents.

“My two sons, who are right here, Don and Eric, are going to be running the company,” Trump said during the conference, The Huffington Post reports. “They are going to be running it in a very professional manner. They’re not going to discuss it with me.”

But an image of the papers sticking out of the folders, captured by CNN, is particularly puzzling in that there doesn't appear to be anything written on them, noted in a tweet:

 As The Independent points out, there were no placeholders or sticky notes within the stack, which is odd for a pile of papers supposedly written and mapped out by lawyers.

Furthermore, there were no labels on the folders themselves, and the paper itself is the wrong size.

Trump giving the reigns of his businesses to family members is, ethically, entirely questionable, but feigning preparation and professionalism in the face of the American people? Now, that's another subject entirely. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Lucas Jackson

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