The Donald Just Annihilated The #NeverTrump Movement

The billionaire business mogul’s frightening five-state sweep is not just evidence of his growing popularity, but of the shortcomings of his opponents.


Donald Trump took a giant stride toward the GOP presidential nomination by scoring an astonishing victory in all the five states that voted in Tuesday’s Northeastern primaries.

The real estate magnate won more than 100 delegates in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware, while his loosely organized Republican rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, barely managed to win three and five delegates, respectively.

As is evident from the statistics, it was a disappointing night for the #NeverTrump movement, which kind of hit its peak last week after Cruz and Kasich announced their plans to coordinate their campaigns to slow down the front-runner’s momentum.

“I consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely,” the former reality TV star said during his victory speech at Trump Tower in New York City. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s over.”

Seeing as he knocked the anti-Donald Trump bloc out of the park, the White House hopeful’s exaggerated prediction of clinching the nomination might just come true. It is a disturbing thought, but Trump is dangerously close to acquiring the 1,237 delegates needed to avoid the contested convention in July.

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Although 10 states have yet to vote in the primaries, if the recent polls are any indication, the candidate is likely to lock down a majority in two of the most important states: California and Indiana.

“I'm a unifier. I unify people,” Trump said further during his Tuesday speech. “That's how I did it in business. ... We will have people that are backing this party and backing my candidacy that you wouldn't believe. We're going to have such unity.”

His victory was a resounding blow to the #NeverTrump crowd, even if they continue to live in denial and think of it as a slight bump in the road. Trump’s victory does not only reflect his growing popularity despite the sexist, racist and xenophobic abuse he hurls at his opponents and different minorities living in the United States, but is also evidence of his opponents’ shortcomings.


More than two months ago, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney implored the GOP to form a strategic alliance to get rid of Trump. But the best Kasich and Cruz could do was hatch a plan to divide the delegates in Indiana, Oregon and New Mexico – a plan that has more potential of backfiring than actually working out.

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In all honesty, the #NeverTrump movement appears to have failed. The establishment has so far been powerless to stop the Trump train. He has mathematically eliminated his rivals from winning the nomination on the convention’s first ballot, which means he now only needs to win less than half of the remaining uncommitted delegates.

Donald Trump has pandered to the racist and xenophobic base of the Republican Party — and his status in the race is just frightening, to put it mildly.

The only consolation is that Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton is still far ahead of him in the race. In fact, as many have predicted before, the former secretary of state might be the only hurdle between Trump and the Oval Office.





Meanwhile, some people remain optimistic.




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