Ivanka's Fan Mail Tweet Epically Backfired, Thanks To The Internet

After taking to Twitter to show how much love she gets from little children, President Donald Trump's oldest daughter got mercilessly mocked online.

Ivanka Trump smiling at a person.

It looks like Ivanka Trump is trying too hard — and the internet noticed.

On Twitter, President Donald Trump's oldest daughter shared a photo of herself reading thank you cards from children, calling it one of the “highlights” of her week.

The tweet was meant to show off how much praise she's getting from all these nameless children out there who truly dig what she's doing, except few folks were able to find anything kids would be thanking her for. So the internet promptly took her to task, not only mocking the tweet but also hinting that, perhaps, those cards were all fake.

The roasting was so epic that some people even managed to mock her father, too.

Regardless of the authenticity of those “thank you” cards, it was well worth the laugh, and we are all thankful for whoever took the time writing them.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Hannibal Hanschke

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