The KKK Apparently Feels That This Is Their Prime Time To Shine

A series of reports by the Associated Press reveals that the KKK sees Trump's ascendancy as the perfect time for the resurgence of their organization.

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The Associated Press engaged in a series of interviews with members and leaders of the Ku Klux Klan to gauge their perception of this current moment, and it doesn’t look great for America.

According to the AP, “The KKK is still alive and dreams of restoring itself to what it once was: an invisible empire spreading its tentacles throughout society. As it marks 150 years of existence, the Klan is trying to reshape itself for a new era.”

The KKK should have theoretically been all but eradicated considering the civil rights movement occurred almost 50 years ago; unfortunately, Donald Trump has paved the way for white supremacists to feel comfortable expressing their hate once again.

Horrifyingly, the organization is looking to expand and unify in coming months. As it currently stands, there are many local, independent groups that disagree about “whether to associate with neo-Nazis, hold public rallies, or wear the KKK's trademark robes in colors other than white.”

However, they’re now ready to present a united front on a single issue. Brent Waller, imperial wizard of the United Dixie White Knights in Mississippi, told the AP that the new, consolidated goal is to halt incoming immigrants rather than strip minorities living in the U.S. of their rights.

The newfound discussion surrounding Trump’s wall is perfect for this.

Klan leader Thomas Robb pointed out that, "You know, we began 40 years ago saying we need to build a wall."

Holistically, the AP reports that, “Klan leaders say Donald Trump's ascendancy in the GOP is a sign things are going their way.”

Unfortunately, the Klan leaders aren’t completely wrong. The dominance of Trump in the GOP primary demonstrates that there is a large swath of the American public that aligns in at least some ways with the KKK and their goals.

There are reportedly only about 3,000 to 6,000 actual Klan members at this time, but this number could easily grow in the coming months as Trump’s xenophobic ideas continue to gain traction.

The resurgence of the KKK is just another sign of America’s continued deterioration from the time Trump announced his candidacy.    

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