Did National Hurricane Center Shade Trump With Storm Don?

Storm Don is wreaking more havoc than expected, sending Twitter into an uproar with comparisons between the natural phenomenon and President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump waves while walking across White House lawn

The National Hurricane Center may or may not have delivered a subtle, yet epic burn to President Donald Trump in its description of a new tropical storm blowing through the southeastern Caribbean. 

The center released a bulletin on Monday giving details about Storm Don, which they described as “small” and “well-defined,” while also noting that the storm was “not particularly well organized.”

The Associated Press appeared to confirm the trolling when it tweeted the center’s description accompanied by a subliminal headline that reads, “Not a tweet storm, but a real storm coincidentally named Don,” which pretty clearly refers to the president’s frequent Twitter rants.

As HuffPost notes, storm names are on a six-year rotation, and the name Don was added into the mix back in 2006, so the brilliant timing of the storm’s name is, indeed, coincidental. However, it’s more than likely that the center used the opportune moment to take a dig at the unpopular 45th POTUS.   

The center may never publicly admit that their description of the actual storm perfectly befits Trump, but Twitter already decided that the connection was deliberate and applauds the agency’s clever shade.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Cyclonebiskit

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