The Trumps Funneled $100K Meant For Cancer Charity Into Own Pockets

The Trumps seem to struggle with the concept of "charity" as a report reveals that money intended for children's cancer research turned into business revenue.

A lengthy investigation by Forbes revealed that Eric Trump funneled $100,000 in donations meant for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital into the Trump Organization.

Financial documents reveal that, while the family has indeed raised millions for the hospital, they also appeared to have turned some of that money into revenue for their businesses.

Eric Trump has hosted an annual golf tournament that raises money for St. Jude's for 10 years, and he has told reporters before that he can use the Trump Organization golf courses free of charge for this event.

However, the paper trail indicates that there was actually a cost for using the golf courses, and this money was channeled from the Eric Trump Foundation back into his father's businesses. Forbes reports that President Donald Trump demanded that his son's foundation be billed for hundreds of thousands in expenses for use of his "free" golf courses.

To make a bad situation look even worse, over $500,000 was redistributed to other charities over the course of 10 years, some of which were connected to the Trump family and at least four of which also used the Trump golf courses for charity events. The donors were under the impression that their money was going to St. Jude's, not venue costs and Trump family causes.

If the Forbes investigation proves to be true, it means that Trump and his family have violated both New York state laws and federal laws by misleading donors and profiting from what was purportedly a not-for-profit endeavor.

"In reviewing filings from the Eric Trump Foundation and other charities, it's clear that the course wasn't free — that the Trump Organization received payments for its use, part of more than $1.2 million that has no documented recipients past the Trump Organization," journalist Dan Alexander writes in the Forbes report. "Golf charity experts say the listed expenses defy any reasonable cost justification for a one-day golf tournament."

What Forbes reveals isn't that far removed from the Trump Foundation scandal brought to light in the 2016 presidential elections. Trump and his family seem to struggle with the concept of "charity," and in general with what is right and wrong. This isn't the first time Carbonated.TV has reported on the Trumps pulling off some incredibly shady deals, and it most likely won't be the last.

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