Ana Navarro Shuts Down Meghan McCain For Questioning Her Politics

Things got pretty intense when Ana Navarro and Meghan McCain from 'The View' debated the government shutdown, the DACA deal, and bipartisanship.

Ana Navarro and Meghan McCain went head-to-head on "The View" in a debate over the government shutdown, each expressing their very different opinions about why Congress couldn't make an agreement, and things got intense.

Now unless you've been living under a rock, you've undoubtedly heard about the government shutdown and the political drama that has ensued because of it.

Democrats blamed the White House, Republicans blamed Chuck Schumer, and Twitter has lost its mind over the whole ordeal. 

All jokes aside, however, the shutdown was a source of frustration for both McCain and Navarro, but each woman had different points to bring to the discussion. 

McCain, the daughter of war hero and former presidential candidate John McCain, vented her annoyance rested with military members and their families not receiving pay during the shutdown. She also expressed her annoyance with Democrats placing blame on President Donald Trump, when she believes that the shutdown is a result of partisan politics. 

Navarro, who was also against the shutdown but believed it was caused by different factors, then interjected her opinion. 

"I can't understand why the White House is saying no to something that's got over 80 percent approval. I mean, even puppies don't get 80 percent approval in America today. And DACA does," she said. "Look, I'm not only against the government shutdown, I'm against the whole damn government. It's dysfunction."

Navarro continued on, citing McCain's point about military members not receiving pay saying, "I saw that, too, and it really bothered me... The reason is [to get] more leverage to negotiate because it's something that pulls at all our heartstrings."

After a little more back-and-forth, tempers flared, and things got messier. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg both tried to intervene, but McCain talked over them and questioned Navarro's loyalty to the Republican Party. 

"I understand that [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] DACA is a very emotional issue at this point, but most Republicans are on my side on this one, Ana, and it's really difficult for me to understand sometimes why you consider yourself a Republican," she said. 

While McCain had made decent points throughout her argument, her desire to place blame entirely on the Democrats' shoulders is not valid. Furthermore, for her to act as though Navarro cannot hold Trump accountable, support DACA, and still be a Republican is simply ignorant, and something Navarro did not plan on taking sitting down. 

Navarro hit back at McCain's accusations saying:

"Because I'm a Hispanic, immigrant Latina; because I was brought to this country when I was 8 years old; because my parents fled communism, and it was not my decision to come here. I came here through no decision of my own, I came here through no fault of my own. Had my parents not had visas, had my parents not had the resources to hire lawyers, I would be a DREAM Act kid, too. That's why this is personal."

Twitter, of course, was quick to comment on the tense debate, the majority in support of Navarro. 

 Though some did voice their support for McCain.

Eventually, Goldberg made the decision to cut to commercial break, as it was clear the two were not planning on stopping the debate anytime soon. Things may be a bit tense between Navarro and McCain for the next couple of days.

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