The Week Cover Takes On Sexual Predators: Trump, O’Reilly, Weinstein

The Week magazine released a provocative cover image that portrays President Donald Trump, Bill O'Reilly, and Harvey Weinstein together as sexual predators.

The explosive news of Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults over the span of decades has resurrected the debate surrounding powerful men and sexual abuse.

In the midst of the critical backlash, Weinstein’s lewd behavior has been compared to President Donald Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct with various women and his own inappropriate comments from the infamous leaked 2005 “Hollywood Access” tapes.

Bill O’Reilly’s recently-exposed sexual harassment accusations — which led to him being booted from Fox News — have also been brought into the fray.

All three men are white and powerful, and all three men have been accused of sexual assault.

The Week magazine highlighted the three alleged predators on its latest cover, with an animated image depicting them in an enclosed room together wearing white robes with their chests exposed.

Above the image are three words in bold, white lettering: “See no evil.”

The sub-headline reads, “Why powerful men get away with sexual abuse.”

While these three men certainly aren’t the only public, powerful figures who belong on the cover, the fact that one of them is the president of the United States speaks volumes about how we, as a society, mishandle sexual assault.  

After the cover art was shared on Twitter, users wasted no time chiming in and offering their opinions on the provocative image. 

These three men are certainly the poster children, so to speak, for rape culture as we know it, and this bold cover rightfully portrays them as such.

Banner and thumbnail credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst & REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

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