The World Has Something Snarky To Say About Trump's Fake Time Cover

Whenever President Donald Trump gets caught doing something ridiculous, out come the trolls. If there's one thing Trump's done for America, it's make it sarcastic again.

Trump in white Make America Great Again hat outside and laughing.

Thankfully, the more President Donald Trump makes us want to bang our heads into the floor, the more people come out swinging with brilliantly sassy comebacks.

After the big reveal of Trump's fake Time magazine covers hit the internet, it was only a matter of moments before the world got to trolling. Oh boy, did they troll.

The New Yorker took a stab, playing into the president's temper tantrums and notoriously childlike impulse control with crayons and red scribbles.

Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-Virginia) proved himself a master troll with his own fake Time cover he demanded hung in "all four of my offices."

Sports Illustrated wasn't one to be left out, figuring they might take a stab at decorating the president's golf clubs.

Of course Twitter isn't the only platform that makes for great trolls. Late night television host Seth Meyers would not pass up this opportunity and used segments of his show to lay into Trump over what Meyers described as "the funniest thing I've ever heard." He pointed out the irony that is missed by no one: the president, who constantly slams "fake news," has created "the literal definition of fake news."

There's been no word from the president yet on any of this, but he did lash out at "Morning Joe" co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski with the kind of crude and sexist attacks he's become despised for after they did a segment poking fun at the fake Time covers. Trump's clearly upset, something that happens whenever his ego is bruised, but the world will laugh on.

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