There Are Reports Of Machines Switching Votes From Trump To Rubio

Apparently certain voting machines in Austin, Texas are switching votes from Donald Trump to Marco Rubio.

The 2016 election has been an incredibly messy affair— mired in hateful language, childish insults, incendiary tactics, and even cheating and duplicitous behavior.

The theme for the election cycle was set in Iowa, when Sen. Ted Cruz told voters that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race and attempted to court these votes for himself. His campaign also put “voter violation” slips on many Iowans’ doorsteps, telling them that they would be in legal trouble if they did not go out and vote (and specifically for Cruz).

In Nevada, Hillary Clinton supporters attempted to rig caucusing in favor of Clinton and masqueraded in outfits similar to what the nurses' union (which supported Bernie Sanders) was wearing in order to confuse voters.

Things only appear to be getting worse. According to Raw Story, a radio station in Austin has been receiving calls from people who claim that their voting machines switched their votes from Donald Trump to Marco Rubio after they had already submitted their ballots.

One of the hosts of KLBJ’s “Todd And Don Show” told a caller that, “You are the fourth person to call us in the past half hour to say they had that same problem. They voted for Trump but it popped up Rubio or somebody else. You’re the first to have [Linda Gray], but the other three were Rubio.”

Apparently this problem is concentrated in Travis County and Williamson County, but if half a dozen people called into a radio show to say that their votes were switched, many others probably experienced a similar situation but said nothing, or didn’t review their ballots and notice the problem.

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