British G20 Delegates Warned Of ‘Honey Traps’ In China

British security officers issued Prime Minister Theresa May and her staff a strange piece of advice before their visit to China for the G-20 Summit.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May’s G-20 Summit delegation has been advised to avoid China’s “honey trap” spies who may try to seduce the officials in order to steal the country’s secrets.

“When it comes to spying, the Chinese are on a par with the Russians,” said Dai Davies, former head of the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department, which provides security for the P.M., senior ministers and members of the Royal Family.

“These people will use every trick in the book. Those accompanying Theresa May to the G20 summit will have been advised to take every precaution possible, from their communications to their sexual conduct,” he added. “Honey traps, for instance, are very common along with bugging and interception of text messages and emails.” 

China has been viewed by MI5 as one of the major threats to the security of the United Kingdom, especially when it comes to espionage — and their suspicions are not baseless.

During former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s visit to China in 2008, one of the Number 10 officials accompanying him fell prey to a beautiful Chinese spy.

He was “accosted on one side by a beautiful posse of Chinese girls and on the other side by an equivalent group of Russian blondes,” wrote Damien McBride, who was a former spokesperson of Brown, in his memoirs. “Even before our resident security expert could warn us that their interest was not to be taken at face value, we looked up and saw one of our numbers disappearing up the stairs to the exit with one of the girls, beaming back at us.”

The aide took the woman to his hotel room where she drugged him and stole his phone and confidential documents from his briefcase.


Security officials have since provided detailed guidelines to May and her crew about the measures they should take to protect themselves to avoid the sordid history from repeating itself.

They also warned the group the hotel rooms where they will be staying are likely to be heavily bugged.

“We have been told that if you feel uncomfortable about people seeing you naked, you should change under your bedclothes,” stated a Whitehall source.

Security advisers have also been provided with temporary cell phones and email addresses in a bid to dodge Chinese government hackers. The party has been warned to dispose off any gifts they receive and to be careful of electronic devices like SIM cards, memory sticks or even chargers offered by the Chinese.

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