These Runners Took Olympian Sportsmanship To The Next Level

After taking an unexpected tumble during a long-distance race at the Olympics, the two runners representing the U.S. and New Zealand both got up and finished.

Abbey D’Agnostino

It looks like long-distance runners aren't so lonely after all.

Two Olympic runners representing the United States and New Zealand, respectively, showed incredible sportsmanship during the 5,000 meter race in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday.

Although American runner Abbey D’Agnostino and New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin finished in the bottom two places, their positive attitudes have certainly not gone unnoticed from international viewers. Both runners displayed extraordinary levels of sportsmanship, although in completely different ways.

The runners had reached the 3,000 meter mark of the race when D’Agnostino accidentally clipped Hambliln’s heel. As result, both racers fell to the ground, ruining their chances of winning a medal.

Although Hamblin could have reacted angrily towards D’Agnostino for her literally tripping her up, the New Zealand runner stopped and helped the injured runner up from the ground after taking a fall.

D’Agnostino twisted her ankle from the sudden tumble, but she still managed to complete the race at 17:10.02.

At the finish line, the two runners embraced each other in solidarity after they both displayed what true sportsmanship can look like. Hamblin even assisted the injured runner to a wheelchair. 




Banner photo credit: Reuters

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