Rich Kids Of Instagram Give Away Their Parents' Dirty Secrets

You can inherit money, but common sense is something that has to be acquired.

Remember Rich Kids of Instagram? It's the thankfully redundant trend that had spoiled little chits posting images of their expansive cars, private jets and gold-plated cars that double as private jets.

The world collectively turned green with envy, and the obsession with these rich kids only grew with time.

Karma finally caught up with these brats though. Now is the time for us to wiggle our fingers with cruel joy, and laugh with abandon now that the object of our collective envy have gotten their comeuppance.

Tax investigators have been closely monitoring the kids. As it turns out, these kids have been giving away all the information about the planes and villas and estates that their parents kept hidden from tax authorities.

The authorities, through a cursory glance at the photo map on Instagram, have also been able to figure out exactly where these tax-evaders have property that they probably forgot to mention in their declarations.

The cynics among us (i.e. people without private jets, i.e. all of us) will turn around to say that they had it coming. And like always, we will agree with them.

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Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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