This Man Robbed A Convenience Store Using His Hand As A Gun

The authorities are looking for a man who was caught on camera robbing a convenience store holding an imaginary gun.

The Los Angeles Police Department released a security video from a convenience store in hopes of finding a middle-age man who successfully scared employees and stole money from the counter.

As is evident from the video, the method of stealing was very unusual, as the robber literally used his fingers as a fake gun.

The man, dressed in a light blue long-sleeved dress shirt and blue jean shorts, grabbed a water bottle before walking to the counter to commit the crime.

A terrorized shopper can be seen running, making an exit to save his life. The robber then started yelling at two store employees present at the counter, telling them to hand over the cash or else be shot.

The employees first tried to resist but the man jumped over the counter screaming at them to open the register. One of them raised his hands up in the air, while the man kept yelling, “Open it up.” Finally, the employee opened the register for him, completely unaware of the fact that all this time what was hidden behind the crook’s back was not a gun, but his right hand, with which he smoothly fooled everyone.

He takes $300 from the register. The police department described the robber as a white or Hispanic male, about 5 feet, 9 inches tall, weighing around 250 pounds. He was wearing glasses and had tattoos on his left index finger and hand extended to his wrist — his non-shooting hand — and another tattoo above his right knee.

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