Thieves Return 9-Year-Old's Bike After Learning What It Means To Him

James Brewster was thrilled to find his beloved bicycle, a gift from his late dad, waiting for him outside his house days after it was stolen.

Surprisingly, the phrase “honor among thieves” still holds some weight.

James Brewster’s silver bicycle was a present from his late father. Therefore, when someone stole it from outside his home in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, just days before his dad’s first death anniversary, the 9-year-old was devastated.

His mother, Una Brewster, could not bear to see her child in such distress, so she wrote a heartbreaking note on social media.

“Let me put you in the picture…you have caused more heartache to a child who tomorrow will be remembering the nightmare which unfolded one year ago to the day…one that no child should ever experience, that of losing his father … and to make it worse this bike was a gift from his daddy,” Brewster appealed on Facebook. “If you have a heart at all, return the bike please and nothing more said.”

Community members began sharing the post, and soon enough to the family’s delight, the bike mysteriously turned up outside their home a few days later.

The mother discovered the bike and asked her son to come out, without telling him about it. She then filmed his entire reaction.

“I went into the garden without knowing my mum had seen the bike. I actually looked at the bike and didn't think it was really there,” James told The Belfast Telegraph. “I thought I was dreaming. It's the last thing my dad gave to me as a present.”

He was so happy to have the bike his dad gave him back that he cycled to school the next day.

“It’s made our Christmas already. James’ younger brother Michael and sister Clara are over the moon, especially Clara, who cycled to school with him this morning,” the mother explained. “It was the first time he had cried over the last few days, with the whole build-up to the anniversary. I said, ‘We’ll get this sorted, we’ll get it back. I’ll do a campaign on Facebook and put out an appeal.’ He lit up at that. I thought I would try and speak to the person that did it.”

Watch James’ emotional reaction upon seeing his late dad’s gift in the video above.

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