Third-Grader Manages To Shoot Cop’s Gun During School Event

The Minnesota officer didn't even notice the child touching his gun until it had already fired. Luckily, the round hit the floor, and no one was injured.

In the days since the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting rocked the nation, the topic on everyone’s minds has been guns.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who survived last week’s massacre have joined other shooting survivors and their families in calling on lawmakers to take action on gun control.

Although the conversation has largely focused on mass shootings, we must not forget other dangers and threats that guns pose, even when they are in the hands of the so-called "right people."

Case in point: A third-grade child managed to get ahold of a police officer’s gun and fire it during a group activity at the Harmony Learning Center in Maplewood, Minnesota, earlier this month.

According to local ABC affiliate KSTP, the officer was sitting on a bench, and the child “reached over and placed his finger into the officer’s gun holster and pressed the trigger of the officer’s gun causing it to discharge through the bottom of the holster.”

Thankfully, the round hit the floor and no one was hurt.

This goes without saying, but the incident could have ended much differently, which is a risk that anyone armed with a gun takes each time they go out with their weapon.

In this case, the officer didn’t even notice the child touching his gun until it had already fired. Although the holster is considered a level-3 security and has a trigger guard “that typically cannot be touched or fired in the holster,” the child’s very small finger was able to slip inside. 

While it's understood that police need to be armed, and that isn't going to change, this ordeal is a very good example of the general danger that guns — in any atmosphere — can present.

If a mistake like this can happen with a trained and skilled member of law enforcement, civilians certainly aren't exempt from accidents of this nature, and the outcome may not always be so fortunate.  

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Pixabay, jarmoluk

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