Third-Grader Named Mayor For The Day For Saving Choking Friend's Life

Kori Scott knew exactly what to do when her friend began choking on a burrito at her school during lunchtime. Her actions resulted in accolades from her city.

Kori Scott probably thought the biggest thing to happen to her this week would be something like an end-of-year spelling test. Instead, she’s been named the mayor of her hometown.

The 9-year-old girl from East Orange, New Jersey, is being heralded as a hero after saving her friend from choking during lunch at her school. When her friend, Astah, started choking on a burrito, Kori didn’t stop to hesitate and sprung into action, performing the Heimlich maneuver right away.

“I did it one, two, three,” she told the local news station. “And food came out.”

Kori explained that she knew what to do because she had a choking incident when she was younger. When that happened, her dad performed the Heimlich to stop her from choking, she explained.

Her heroics did not go unnoticed. Word spread of how Kori had helped her classmate, eventually reaching the mayor’s office, which decided that the third-grader ought to be given one of the highest honors possible in the city.

“I am honored to stand here today and recognize Kori as one of East Orange’s own hometown heroes,” Mayor Ted Green said. “Kori’s brave actions have already made an incredible impact on our city.”

Green bestowed to Kori the title of "Mayor for the Day" on Thursday.

“Her smart instincts and quick actions are characteristics of a true hero, and it fills me with pride to have her here today as a representative of our city and community,” he added.

Children learn amazing skills every day, but sometimes they pick up on things we teach them without us realizing it. Thanks to Kori learning the Heimlich maneuver at a young age, she was able to help her friend out of a dire situation.

We can be thankful that she did, and that her story is likely leading to more children across the country learning about the life-saving technique. Her honorary mayorship is well-deserved.

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