This Bar Put Trump’s Face Inside A Urinal

An Irish pub in the United Kingdom made their political stance known when they installed an unflattering photo of Donald Trump in the men’s bathroom.

Many of us would love nothing more than to pee on Donald Trump’s ugly bigoted face, and now an Irish bar in the U.K. has given its customers that opportunity with a photo of Trump in the men's urinal. 

The Raglan Road Irish Bar located in Nottingham, put up a new headshot photo of the Republican presidential candidate after the previous one was taken off by an unknown person, The Independent reports.

Irish Bar Installs New Trump Headshot In Bathroom

The bar’s previous photo was a headshot of Trump as a judge on his show “The Apprentice.”

Previous Photo Of Trump In Bar's Men's Restroom

The new photo is an unflattering picture of the Republican candidate and it was installed in August.

“I think we decided to put it up there because the owners and customers didn’t agree with Trump’s point of view and because we believe Nottingham is a multicultural and mixed, vibrant city. We disagree with a lot of Trump’s views,” Ruth Beraki, the pub’s manager, told The Nottingham Post.

The poster of Trump’s headshot is so massive that it stretches across the entire length of the urinals.

“Everyone that has seen it has absolutely loved it, and they have found it really funny,” Beraki said.

This urinal that has Trump’s headshot is truly a gift to us all, and clearly depicts what most of us think about this racist and loud-mouthed man. 

Banner Image Credit: Otis Akos, Twitter

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