This Bride Hitchhiked To Her Own Wedding In New Hampshire

A bride was on her way to her wedding when her limousine got a flat tire, so she hitchhiked on the side of the road until she got a ride there.

This bride wasn’t going to let anything ruin her special day, not even a flat tire.

Angelique Arsenault was en route to her wedding with her bridal party in tow when the limousine they were riding in suddenly got a flat tire, ABC News reports.

Arsenault decided to take action, so she stuck her thumb out on the side of the road and hitchhiked until she was able to get a ride to her wedding. 

Katie Queen, her maid of honor, said, “Honestly, for something kinda crazy that happened, she was just happy and knew she was going to get there.”

The bride and her bridal party were only 7 miles away from her wedding venue in Brookline,  New Hampshire.

“We actually had cars driving by us and they just took pictures and left and  then finally someone actually stopped to see if we needed a ride,” Arsenault told CBS Boston.

A man named Jay picked up the bridal party on Russell Hill Road and assisted the group.

“Jay, the guy who saved the day, came by and said, ‘Let me drop off my kids and I’ll be right back,’” Queen said. “He came and got five of us in the car, the bridal party, and drove us there. We were like, ‘Jay, why don’t you come to the wedding?’ He was like, ‘No, I’m ok,’ but he was awesome.

Arsenault was just 30 minutes late to her wedding, and now the couple is on their honeymoon in Maine.

“It pretty much made the whole day,” the bride said. “Everyone was laughing all night about it. It’s going to be a story we’ll remember forever.”

It’s inspiring that this bride is able to make the best out of the worst situation, even if it happens to be on her wedding day.

Banner Image Credit: KHOU 11 News Houston

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