Photo Of Drag Queen And Muslim Woman On NYC Metro Inspires Meme Battle

A photo of a drag queen and Muslim niqabi woman sitting side by side on an NYC subway has inspired a meme battle about the future liberals want.


On a real note, the diversity in this picture is what I love so much about NYC #subwaycreatures (@boubah360 @gildawabbit)

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Samuel Themer, a man who identifies as a “dangerously charismatic musician, actor and drag orphan” on Twitter, is the focal point of an internet meme spreading like wildfire.

A picture of him captured on a New York subway, seated beside a woman in a niqab (Islamic face veil), was shared on Instagram by the account subwaycreatures and immediately lauded for the diversity it promotes.

Boubah Barry, who initially shared the image, took a jab at President Donald Trump claiming “this is how freedom looks like.”

The picture gained even more popularity when shared by /pol/ News Network with the title “This is the future liberals want.” The Twitter account essentially posted the image as a warning about liberal dystopia but soon, liberals took on the picture for what it really was worth, sharing it and producing spin-off memes, claiming this was exactly the kind of future they wanted. Some people even grabbed the opportunity to produce some pretty hilarious, over the top memes.










“I absolutely believe it’s the future I want. I want it to not be a big deal that we sat next to each other, we’re just being ourselves,” said Themer, who looks forward to an inclusive future where people of all backgrounds and identities can co exist in peace and mind their own business.

“If we can come to have empathy for each other, we can come to a place where we can find common ground and move forward. That’s the goal,” he added.

Themer hopes that one day a picture of a woman in modesty garb sitting next to a colorful drag queen isn’t out of the ordinary. From where we currently are with Trump’s vendetta against Muslims, Mexicans and immigrants, this may be a long shot, but one day hopefully, hate crimes and racism will be rare occurrences and people will become more tolerant toward one another.

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