This Is What A Syrian Refugee Thinks About Trump's Airstrikes

A refugee who came to the United States in 2014 said she believes that what President Donald Trump did could have dangerous consequences for her homeland and her countrymen.

In light of President Donald Trump's deadly attack against Syria Thursday evening, a local news organization in California talked to a Syrian refugee.

The Golden State has accepted more refugees from the war-torn country than any other state.

While the woman would not disclose her identity, perhaps out of fear of retaliation as she did not seem to agree with Trump's involvement in the conflict, she did say that the images of the recent attack involving chemicals that killed dozens, including children, are heartbreaking. Nevertheless, she told reporters, she doesn't think Trump did the right thing.

“There’s Iraq, there’s George W. Bush. And what happened in Iraq. I’m so afraid for that scenario to be repeated twice, and this time the victim will be my country,” she said.

The Syrian Civil War started in 2011. Back in her home country, the woman said, people “leave their houses and have no idea if they will go back alive.” Seeking a better life for herself in the United States, she came to California in 2014.

“The meaning of freedom is to have a good life,” she told reporters. But she also said she is “not going to forget my country,” she only hopes for “peace for the whole world.”

The refugee said she loves the United States and that she still misses her homeland, which was a good place to live before the war, she told reporters.

Now, millions have fled, and as America's aggressive involvement becomes a reality, conflicts could escalate, as we have seen previously in Iraq, creating further difficulties for locals and forcing millions more to flee.

If this refugee had her way, Trump would put an end to the strikes. But she's just another immigrant in his America, where people like her have a lot to fear.

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